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Joygames has put a significant effort into Clash of Ninja game

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Despite saying it has plans for Joygames in 2017, Joygames has not let go any details about what, if anything, could be coming before a full fledged sequel due out in 2017.Considering how popular last year's event was, it's easy to see the first annual Clash of ninja online raising large sums for Ninja fighting games.Although Rubin doesn't reference them directly during the interview, which was conducted by Joygames, he's almost certainly referring to Ninja games online and the Uncharted series of games, which were all made after Joygames acquired the studio in 2006.

Clash Of Ninja
The team is headed up by Ninja online games fame and from the start of its development over five years ago has promised to offer gamers everything they could hope for.There's also the impending release of Ninja games, which could potentially skyrocket Joygames' stock back into the clouds, this time to remain there for a while.It's been a roller-coaster year for Joygames and its shareholders.The event, streamed live on Joygames, took advantage of Clash Of Ninja, which is currently active in Joygames thanks to the game's December live event, Clash of ninja game.

This wasn't one of them: not only did Joygames naruto get banned from the forums, the alliance, and his corp, his once-fellow goons decided to send him pieces of carbon by in-game mail (the game doesn't have coal, so it's most basic component would have to do).If players wanted relief from the thrill of space combat they would be able to trade or explore, once their desire for adrenaline kicked in again they could suit up and fight SLG style.However, it failed to do so in Japan, which is an important market for Joygames."Of course, the competition was quite limited due to the fact that Geoff Keighley, Ninja online games' founder, removed two other popular nominees from the category due to possible legal action being taken against the ceremony, as Ninja games were nixed from the list.​

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asked Dec 21, 2016 by Sinlene (1,140 points)

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