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Increase ninja star level in Clash Of Ninja game

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Yes, Clash Of Ninja has been nothing but impressive from a visual standpoint, and the Joygames' most recent Clash Of Ninja trailer was a continuation of that trend - yet fans have begun to express concerns over the lack of actual gameplay demonstrations emerging from the title's continued development.The fact that Clash Of Ninja won't have a Naruto clash of ninja seems like good news, though gamers will need to wait for more information to confirm that early impression.

Clash Of Ninja
When it was revealed that another Joygames, Clash of ninja game, wouldn't have a Naruto clash of ninja, it was because the game's developer, Joygames Entertainment, was planning to release all future SLG for free.As with anything regarding Joygames' secretive crown jewel, however, any news on how far along the SLG version got in the development process is a secret for a select few Clash of ninja online employees, and they aren't talking.I also expect exciting advancements as we integrate our revolutionary tech, like subsumption and procedural planets, into the game," Roberts stated.

Its predecessors each recieved expansion packs no longer than a year after the last release, and counting their expansions both Clash Of Ninja game are only separated by 3 years - which is something that has made the long wait for Clash Of Ninja more unbearable for fans of the popular first person shooter.With so much excitement building around Clash Of Ninja, gamers have taken to social media to seek out as much information as possible from the game's developer, Ninja online games.There are people who possess telekinetic powers, great advancements in technology and an eerie storyline.Joygames naruto also revealed that Clash of ninja online was toying with hiring real actors to implement into a new kind of action-adventure game, though this too seems to have died in the development process.​

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asked Jan 9 by Sinlene (1,140 points)

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