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Why not win 50% off cheap rs gold to Pick Up Prizes Buried Treasure on May 15?

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Guys!From 00:00 Game Time on 10th May until 23:59 15th May,There's a new way to pick up prizes in Treasure Hunter.For that duration, your Treasure Hunter interface will be transformed into a grid-based map, and you'll open chests by clicking on squares within it.Each square contains at least a normal chest, but 6 per grid will contain a special chest, containing a trove of 4 or 5 prizes.These come in four types, which can contain different types of items and the amount left to find on your grid will be displayed at the side of the interface.If you need help, you can buy 50% off OSRS Gold, Runescape Gold & 10 Fire Cape from at 03:00 AM GMT on May 15, 2017 to hone your skills now!!


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asked May 11, 2017 by happiesgress (6,600 points)

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