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Battleships: Blood & Sea, Battle and Peace

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It's the goal of the team to narrow that gap as closely as possible, so don't be surprised if you see us get caught up relatively soon. Would Battleships: Blood & Sea mind telling us some of your future plans for One Piece Online? After fiddling around in the character creator a bit, I entered the continent of Haranya, home of the Harani and Firran.

Battleships: Blood & Sea

Will they rally their guild and overwhelm the votes that way, or will they grease the palms of some other guild leaders to get what they need? Another interesting mechanic are Labor Points, which the game grants at specific intervals simply by being logged in. This junk character was mostly me trying to get a feel for the general UI and controls of the game, so my experiences with her shouldn't be taken too seriously. I kind of know what each of them is about from the narrated cutscenes and the official game site descriptions, but a lot of quests seemed pretty interchangeable among the four races. Now, this four day head start has been marred by malicious DDoS attacks, which have allowed players to only go online for a very short periods at a time. You wanna be a gatherer, a crafter, or a robber? It might be my favorite character yet, as I dig the necessity between switching styles, and utilizing offensive and defensive abilities on a whim. The raid, dubbed "Spirit Vale," is described as the first raid's initial wing and is geared at offering a host of difficult tasks to large groups of Battleships: Blood & Sea, testing skills and allowing teamwork gameplay to overcome some of the raid's greatest challenges.
Even though they were characters on the same server from the same account, I had to adjust key bindings twice. Considering the characters in closed beta will not be retained for launch, I decided to take a little sample of all starting zones, creating a character with a different skillset for each.

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asked Jun 9, 2017 by fabriziozio (300 points)

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