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Savage enjoyed the first time in Texas

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Tom - Savage seems to have become the absolute starting quarterback of the Texas people, this June he felt very happy.

He was in the training as the Houston Texas attack team a quarterback directly against the Texas defense group, to know the Texas defense team, but the whole league the best, he got this opportunity, and in the training has a good The performance of this Savage is very excited.

"This is a great opportunity, I will not say that I am surprised by the kind of words, because now I have to face these every day, every day I have tenacious struggle. I want to have more with some of the guys Communication, when you are a substitute quarterback, you do not have to talk to the team to talk about too much, to tell them how you want to pass, but now we need to keep communicating, you must be with the teammates in the same Class, that's what we're going to do, "Savage said.

At least now Savage is enjoying the time in a team, he is the man who led the team to attack, it is rookie de Sean - Watson can not compare, he needs to keep his position until August, When the preseason came, he still needed to prove himself.
asked Jun 19, 2017 by aliceonlinegame (3,020 points)

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