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Real Madrid anchor 1 advantage abundant to KO Barcelona

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Real Madrid and Barcelona denticulate endure season's La Liga Best and King's Cup championship, the two teams will be in August in the Spanish Cool Cup afresh in the civic derby. And West Cup tee time is aswell acutely finalized(visit LOLGA.INC), August 13 and August 16 were accursed the aboriginal leg and the added leg of the game, Complete Madrid has the befalling afterwards the aboriginal guest.

Prior to the absolution of the Western Cup clash time, Complete Madrid official requirements to adjust, on the breadth that the aggregation on August 8 in Macedonia and Manchester United for the European Cup, August 11 to play the aboriginal annular of the cup over too rush. At aboriginal the Western media arise that the West Cup Cup admission date will be accomplished on July 20, but now arise a anniversary advanced of the final results. Beijing time on August 13 two teams in the Nou Affected started the aboriginal leg of the game, August 16 at the Bernabeu Amphitheater will attestant the championship.

From the agenda point of view, Complete Madrid has the advantage of the aboriginal bedfellow afterwards the capital two teams in the accomplished two times in the Chaichao Cup in the fight, are the added annular of the home aggregation won the championship. 2011-2012 division Barcelona aboriginal leg in the Bernabeu and Complete Madrid labeled 2-2 level, added annular of the Red and Dejected Corps in the Nou Affected 3-2 achievement over Complete Madrid complete anniversary 5-4 win. 2012-2013 season, Complete Madrid aboriginal annular in the Nou Affected 2-3 negative, but alternate to the home 2-1 achievement over Barcelona, he complete anniversary of 4-4 in the case of the ambition to win the championship.

Another 2017-2018 division La Liga aboriginal annular of the bold time has aswell been bent in August the third weekend of the new division La Liga Alliance will be absolutely started. Taking into anniversary the Apple Cup next year, so the new division the aboriginal annular of the Spanish alliance will be the end of May 20. In addition, next division the King's Cup final will be captivated on April 21.


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