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First look OSRS Dragon Slayer II & Buy Cheap OSRS Gold

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Jagex has revealed more about OSRS Dragon Slayers II than usual. Let’s preview them and you can buy RuneScape 2007 gold cheap.

What should you do during the new quest OSRS Dragon Slayer II?
During OSRS Dragon Slayer II, many locations new and old will be visited. And you need complete hard puzzles, travel through undiscovered dungeons with various threats and encounter some of the most powerful foes. Of course, there are some highest requirements you need to fulfill for this new Grandmaster quest.

Do you like the Myths Guild OSRS?
There may be a new guild the Myths Guild added in the game with the new quest, which stands on a small island south of Feldip Hills. You can head into the island via a small bridge from the mainland. While players with 200 or more quest points can enter the lobby of the guild, those who complete OSRS Dragon Slayer II can gain full access to the guild.
You can see the following things in the guild:
A bank (with deposit box and poll booth);
An armoury including a shopkeeper and an anvil;
A kitchen with a range and a sink;
A garden with 4 Magic Trees;
A mine including 4 Adamantite rocks and 2 Runite rocks;
A chapel containing an altar;
The Fountain of Myths, used to recharge Skills necklaces, Combat bracelets and Amulets of glory;
A portal chamber with portals to the Champions' Guild, Heroes' Guild and Legend's Guild;
A library containing various lore books;
A dungeon with a selection of Green, Blue, Red and Black Dragons (including baby dragons).

How about a new solo boss - Vorkath OSRS?
This new high level solo boss Vorkath will have a 600 to 700 combat level, and it will offer the long-anticipated upgrade to the accumulator - Ava’s Assembler and a new ranged shield like the Dragonfire Shield.

Along with the above new updates, there are many new rewards and drops you must expect. Do you want to see them in the game? Do your poll once it goes live. And you can buy cheap OSRS Gold on

asked Sep 26, 2017 by guoguo (660 points)

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