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Following a particular build to demonstrate for

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While the game does good enough for the most part with this, there are specific parts that could use some work. Among those parts is the leagues, which had a glaring flaw before Ascendancy came about. While there is much enjoyable to be had in the leagues, it can be said that the only real time you'd be prepared to feel rewarded with regard to playing something like a Hardcore league is actually when you've arrived at the endgame, with a high leveled personality decked out within powerful Path of Exile items following a particular build to demonstrate for one's efforts. Apart from that, there isn't much otherwise in the middle of that pursuit other than the trip itself and not a lot else. While it can be said that it's all about the journey and not just the destination, there should still be a feeling of reward during proceedings and not just the end of it. There's a reason why it's said that a few players quit in the middle of their progress in the game. It's not because the video game isn't all that enjoyable,

but those gamers have gotten bored or sick of the game at that point and want to move on to something else. That isn't really entirely the actual game's fault, however they can surely be encouraged to take their characters further than that. In Ascendancy, it seems that there are plenty more things to keep players in the game at reduced levels. Perandus is a great example as it's possible for players to get a decent amount of gold and silver coins despite not getting good uniques from him. Even when RNG is not on your side, you're not getting screwed more than entirely. There are also the low level unique PoE items that aren't gated behind outrageous prices, which means that just about anyone could get them. cheap poe items The Perandus league is getting so much positive feedback that it can be possible that more like it can pop up in the future. Being able to save up Perandus Coins or get lucky with a good unique makes for a league that gives gamers earlier in the game. This sure is handy to have a good lower level unique or even two to aid your leveling, and the potential of a big pay day advance isn't far from fact with Path of items like Maligaro's Virtuosity.

It has certainly been successful where leagues such as Talisman have somewhat failed. This and a whole lot of other things have been garnering the brand new Ascendancy expansion quite a good critical wedding reception. It looks like Grinding Gear Games is actually taking the game in the direction of a positive direction after all, despite the server problems that were met during launch. As increasing numbers of people get to play Ascendancy and the Perandus group, the brighter the near future seems for the video game this year. Aside from the Ascendancy classes, there's plenty of content to sift through in the upcoming expansion for Path of Exile. There's the actual Lord's Labyrinth that is being talked about at this time, and it seems that people who complete it get more than just loot as well as bragging rights, but additionally new powerful enchantments to one of their Path of Exile items. Grinding Gear Video games has just released information regarding these enchantments, and it does look pretty good

asked Sep 29, 2017 by qiuyehui (2,480 points)

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