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Runescape 2007 Fight Arena Quest Guide and Selling RS Gold

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OSRS Fight Arena Release on 23 July 2002. That is Experienced and Members only quest. The quest is started south of Ardougne by the titular Fight Arena by talking to Lady Servil. The ability to defeat level 44, 63 and 137 enemies. You can buy Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold to level fast.

1 Talk to Lady Servil. She is just southwest of the Monastery that is south of Ardougne.

2 Walk east to a group of buildings located south of the local Monastery. The northeasternmost house contains a chest. Make sure you have the Khazard helmet and Khazard armour on, otherwise, the guards will admit you to the prison.

3 You need infiltrate the jail at south of the building with the chest. Find Jeremy Servil and talk to him,he will tell you that one of the guards has the keys.

4 Find the lazy Khazard guard,then you will find out that that he wants a decent drink.

5 Walk to the bar at southwest of the western entrance to the jail. You can purchas the brew from the Khazard barman with 5 coins.

6 Come back to the arena and offer it to the guard, who will get drunk and hand you the keys.

7 Free him after which you and Jeremy will enter the main arena in search of his father Justin, who is being attacked by a Khazard ogre.

8 Attacklevel 63 Khazard Ogre,You can lure the Ogre behind a skeleton and use Magic to kiil it.

9 Talk to Hengrad inside the cell. He will tell you that the General kidnapped him when he was only a child. As soon as he is done with talking, you will be escorted out to the arena to fight again.

10 After you defeat them both, General Khazard (level 112) will appear. This fight is optional - you can either fight him or run away and talk to Lady Servil. If you choose to fight, use the safe-spot skeleton to kill him.

11 This fight with General Khazard (level 112) is optional,  you can either fight him or run away and talk to Lady Servil.

12 Return to Lady Servil to finish the quest and to get your reward.

  • 2 Quest Quest points
  • 12,175 Attack-icon Attack experience
  • 2,175 Thieving-icon Thieving experience
  • 1,000 Coins
  • The Khazard armour

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asked Oct 5, 2017 by guoguo (660 points)

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