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Concrete Rules for OSRS New Season & Deadman Season 6 Gold

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With the beginning of OSRS Deadman Old School RS Gold Summer Invitational, the initial rules for Deadman Season 6 OSRS has been posted too, and you can learn the rules for death and skulling etc . At the same time you can buy Deadman Season 6 gold and learn any new changes to the new season the first time around on RSorder.
The rules with regard to death in the new RuneScape Deadman tournament
It’s almost the same while skulled or unskulled if you are killed by a player, which will let you lose 10 most worthwhile item stacks and all items on your possession. But the amount of XP from unprotected stats while skulled you lose is more than that while unskulled.
It’s also the same as the above loss if you are wiped out by a monster whilst skulled except half XP. However , if you die to a monster while unskulled, you will only lose just as a normal death.
What’s more, there will be an extra 10% XP loss in protected skulls in case you die in a guarded zone while skulled.
The way to protect your XP or products
You still can insure your HP level from Gelin. And you can protect 10 things in your safety deposit box at most and 5 skills (2 combat and 3 non-combat skills) by accessing the death interface within the equipment tab.
The disable contents during the new season
You cannot access these contents for the whole season: Lava Dragons, Zulrah, Thieving from the Nature Rune Chest, Duel Arena, Castle Wars, Trouble Brewing, Fight Pits, Rat Pits, Pest Control, Last Man Standing, as well as Temple Trekking.
The rules for skull
1 . You will receive 15-minute skull at first when attacking somebody, and also 2 minutes increased each following re-skull until getting 30-minute skull at most.
2 . The skull timer will be 30 minutes by default if you attack an unskulled player with more than 30 combat levels below yours.
three. Skulled players will be attacked or slain by guards within safe zones.
4. The amount of bank keys will be shown with Sell RS Gold your skull.
5. The skull timer won’t begin the countdown if you are stood still or in a Player Owned House.
The changes to teleportation
Compared with the instant teleporting while unskulled and out of combat, you will have a 7 second teleport timer although skulled.

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