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How can you obtain the Inferno pet -- Jal-nib-rek?

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Since OSRS Tormento has been released, Cheap Runescape 3 Gold increasingly more new items or even other staff are usually appearing. And at this time you can see the first Sofferenza pet - Jal-nib-rek, which is dropped through TzKal-Zuk. And you also may learn more details about Obsidian Platelegs.

The first method to get the Inferno dog “Jal-nib-rek” is to total the Inferno, that is dropped by TzKal-Zuk. Another way is to swap Infernal Capes for this via TzHaar-Ket-Keh.

A note in the chatbox will be the moment you receive your pet, which will try to show up as your follower instantly. And if you already have the follower and you get the pet, it will enter into your inventory. And the ones whose inventory is filled and have a fans just like a cat, can never get the pet.

Your pet will stay for half a minute until it disappears, when you die and get crazy. What’s more, if you make sure your pet with five hundred, 000 coins provided to Probita in Eastern Ardougne, you can claim back it for one, 000, 000 gold and silver coins while it’s dropped.

However , some gamers thought it was the ugliest pet they have actually seen.

Do you want to find out more about Obsidian Platelegs?

Besides the previous information about Obsidian Platelegs, there is more information here.

As a part of the particular Obsidian Armor arranged, the Obsidian Platelegs OSRS require your own defence level should be level 60, and is got with one hundred, Buy Runescape 3 Gold 500 Tokkul through TzHaar-Hur-Zal's Equipment Shop.

In addition , the advantage of typically the bosidian platelegs is a lot cheaper, but their own defensive stats are generally pretty worse compared to other leg armors - Bandos Tassets. Besides, they’re insufficient prayer bonus and also have 1 less power.

asked Oct 9, 2017 by cathylee (1,660 points)

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