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Newest Update Brings Fresh 'Skilling' Outfit Minigames

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The latest RuneScape upgrade has been deployed that will bring new minigames that allow participants to expand their particular collection of "skill-enhancing garb". The new minigames contain activities that will make Crafting, Runescape Gold,Smithing, Herblore, Farming, Fletching in addition to Agility skilling clothing.

In addition , players have got new chat pack options including a couple of modes, one a lot more familiar chat common box and another which includes "a range of often the most-used options right away on hand".

There are numerous of other frustrate fixes, tweaks plus enhancements, so make sure you head over to the RuneScape site to check out the exact patch notes.

asked Oct 9, 2017 by alina17705 (1,400 points)

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