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How to make OSRS Gold Fast on

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1 Varrock Teleport Tablets
Requirements: level 25 magic,soft clay,lay rune,fire rune,air rune,any lectern.
Recommendations:Air Staff,Duel Ring,House Telport.
About 40k exp,per hour and profit about 240k+GP per hour.



2 Tanning Green Dragonhide
Requirements: no real Requirements.
Recommendations:Stamina potions or energy potions,weight-reducing gear,atleast 1mill. but 500k wil get your by.
Profit:About 400k+per hour


3 Collecting White Berries
Requirements:Regicide,start of mourning's,ends part 1,level 51 agility,antipoisons and food
Profit: about 600k gp per hour.

4 Collecting Mort Myer Funqus
Requirements:Preist in peril,nature spirit till, the bessed sickle,level 40 magic,60% favour in arceuus house for salve graveyard teleport decent prayer level morytania legs 3 or 4.Profit: about 800-900k gp per hour.


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asked Oct 10, 2017 by guoguo (660 points)

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