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You click on the link in the e-mail

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This report will allow you to keep your FIFA 18 accounts secure and prevent dropping for a number of the frauds cheaters use to try and steal information. You receive an email that seems to be from EA concerning an Ultimate Group promotion. You click on the link in the e-mail, go to what seems to be the Ultimate Team sign in page, and then get into your account title and password. 2 days after you discover all the gold players might worked so hard for have vanished. Sound familiar? Hopefully not, as the individual above was just phished. Phishing is a means of tricking someone in to giving up valuable information (such as your account name as well as password) by landing on a fake web site and entering in your account details.

Because the majority of phishing websites look like the real thing, most users don't even realize they have been phished until it is too late. Redirecting is a technique in which a scammer embeds some thing within a link that goes to the true web site to begin with, but then goes you into a bogus page that appears indistinguishable. There are lots of samples of this. Another regular tactic involves scaring you into thinking your account was compromised when it really hasn't. You may be given a message saying something similar to: "Your account has been temporarily suspended due to suspicious activity. buy fifa 18 coins This is another effort to get you to give up your security password and username. EA will never send you emails claiming your account has been compromised. EA won't ever get in touch with you through ANY KIND OF means asking for these details. Should you ever receive a individual message in the forums asking for your account information, it's fake. Con artists will even use brands that seem legitimate, such as "EA Admin" or even "FIFA Developer". Again, EA can never ask you for your account information.

Should you receive a message similar to this specific report it to 1 of the forum moderators. Those responsible for sending messages of this type will endure quick justice -- justice that could affect more than just their forum privileges, up to and including a full console ban. Should you ever get a private message via your console's online messaging program requesting your account data, it's fake. EA won't ever contact you via your console's messaging program for just about any reason. Do not give out your information and report the specifics from the message using the built-in report instrument. Con artists are using Shared Squad hyperlinks to try to phish information. Remember: you no longer need to be logged in to to your EA accounts to look at a Shared Squad. Shared Squads can be viewed by anybody, and like almost every other official connection

asked Oct 12, 2017 by qiuyehui (2,480 points)

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