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Pandora launched its Disney collection in the UK

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The range, which was previously only available in stores throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America and the Caribbean, has now been made available across the UK and online.


The Disney launch into the UK has been supported by a marketing campaign called ‘Do see the Magic’ – an extension to the brand’s multifaceted ‘Do’ campaign launched earlier this year.


As part of this campaign Pandora UKposted an eye-catching video featuring a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse animation playing around in a branded store. On YouTube this video has received 92,309 views and 824 shares. On Facebook the video has had 34,000 views while its live launch in London secured 273,000 views.


Despite the collection only becoming available in stores on Thursday October 5, customers have already taken to social media to post images of their Disney purchases, including many creating bracelets adorned exclusively with Disney charms.


The Pandora X Disney launch into the UK introduces Disney petites elements for the brand’s floating lockets, alongside an extended Pandora Charms  range with motifs which can be worn on Pandora Rings and Pandora Bracelets.

asked Oct 12, 2017 by blue2 (120 points)

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