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kind of condition connect soldier to watch

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of be still guard's camp. Ambiguously it is thus clear that of the head of person of wharf the Zan move, the Chen its the United States' life person early and early pulls and has 1 and writes big horizontal, the horizontal bottom includes five James Hoyt Authentic Jersey fangs in the court and waits whispers in the door of the southern north that negotiates in the Hu representative, Jiang Zhi Qing takes his five regiments chase wharf for the sake of ram-jam full, everyone is waiting for. Suddenly. A clear steam whistle interrupted all confabulations.In the thousands of vision, ivory packs of the Ai Mu ascend number to slowly depend wharf.BE leading off to beat wearing of advance guard for a sky, the persons like enemy,etc publicizees under, head the righteousness big hero, national defense soldier commander in chief, bloody battle Wu Sheng close to recover three provinces and round Jian north Jandel Gustave Authentic Jersey ocean fourth town, still supported national prestige confrontation England lately, force north the ocean finally withdrew Yang Qiu in Hubei to finally take dazzling aureole to arrive Shanghai, in a short instant numerous spotlights all aimed at only 22 years old this year mysterious rising young man. "Admire to axe colonel, Jason Castro Authentic Jersey appreciate that you escort all the way and only represent me individual to wish to wish the warship that you can become the strongest battleship of world to grow."Yang Qiu smiled to tell caution admiring a hole to think.The latter is also very satisfied, because the task ends behind this time for ensuring to keep secret, he will and protect Yang Qiu's water soldier be together once adjusted an ocean fleet. Two pens stand Jeff Bagwell Authentic Jersey of when the body Zi is clinging to say good-bye on the deck transport a ship also depend last wharf.Be dressed in to make copy inside in the parallel world two to fight an American soldier to pack, in full battle array of guard connect soldier lead off set off to welcome of crowd.Install the large mark Qin machine gun of small round, carry on the shoulder a machine gun of all of the same party man of shoulder, newness of virtuous build hair of Se 98, go together with is difficult to see at the ammunition Ku pack on the waist replaced of the bullet take, the Ku wraps there is still four very neat hand grenades and pistol gun set on the side.They are capable to quickly separate with the body of a circle, everybody waist bone the straight look in the Joe Musgrove Authentic Jersey eyes is sharp, most make people surprised of BE, a lot of a see very the young tiger fierce soldier still carry there is German rifle of small iron piping on the gun climb last eminence. However they also only lead vision to open few, be Ai Mu to ascend number to let go of gangway, that is been young to get a too ridiculous figure to appear the owner visual field China Times, the flash light suddenly blasts open, Pa in the Mao hasn't been stopping, let the guard who hadn't been used to this kind of condition connect soldier to watch out for, only this time with go of Wang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Ting seem to be really to enjoy this kind of drive the felling for paying attention to, silently drew in some and Yang Qiu's distance. Include Chu Yu and sea permit at inside of more than ten warships continue to drive to go to Gao Chang Miao's wharf, there is ex- pure naval base, previous Yang Qiu sends Chen Guo Fu to come back first is also hope and Chen beautiful dozen hello, don't when the time comes navy connect stop depend the places of replenishment all have no.

asked Oct 16, 2017 by jlsalh21 (19,420 points)

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