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already been turned into southwest bank

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enter to snuff out to constitute a parties!He doesn't make moves by himself, but let the center come to adjust the Li dollar of walking three one of cores in the provinces Hong, this is to intentionally result in Adam Liberatore Authentic Jersey constitute parties and their conflict!As long as Li dollar once the Hong walk, Hubei was thoroughly his, and visited from geography Hubei block fore noodles, Hunan and Sichuan and the center of the relation will be cut off! Yang Qiu but imitate a Buddha don't see 2 people very black facial expression, start to see pocket-watch order Wang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Ting:"Tang of the scholar takes me to send two Mr. Weis.Make the thunder fierce again to arrange car, is German minister still waiting me." 2 people have never Adrian Gonzalez Authentic Jersey thought so Don't mention it, Yang Qiu lets oneself wait greater half diva just speak a few lines and then give order for guests to leave, immediately the Duo stamps foot to turn round to walk to the car.Beside the heart of Wang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Ting has cant not bear to, draw back a car door to say for 2 people:"Twos are maybe not comfortable, the positive court still needs to say a words.Not ten thousand matters ability sees surface." Listen to words in his words, Cai Yuan Pei pulls him to ask a way:"Scholar Tang's meaning BE?" Wang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Ting says:"Is two perhaps don't know, the commander has already had drafted to want at three the provinces compulsorily promote a compulsory education and reduce the plan of doing Alex Wood Authentic Jersey not need the Li tax, and Juan truly the Sir's railroad company is also completely a commander at support, all amount of money all have him to stir.The positive court doesn't want that substituting the commander song achievement praise is virtuous, but these if really practice all of that are the benefit benefit people of country's important events."After finishing saying, his deadlock says after wanting all of a sudden:"Still have a matter I think to tell two, Andre Ethier Authentic Jersey the commander has already promised a northern side and uses fourth captive in the town to change Wu Sheng Guan by the end of the month." Change a captive?2 people also attend to not up surprised and Be getting more angry.The fourth town is captured 5,000 remainings, all northern ocean that trains for several years old soldier, once putting back to just a little rest behind whole at join some new soldiers are a town of integrity.Now believe sun have already there been 30,000 remaining north oceans and Wu Wei You's soldier.Put them to return to and then think Hubei and formal armistice in the northern side, that Yuan a life time Kai can thoroughly spare hand to go down south!The end of the month, the end of the month!2 people see one eye with each other, Wang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Ting says so, perhaps is telling oneself these people, if can not also decide before the end of the month, perhaps Andrew Toles Authentic Jersey and finally make profit of is a northern side. 2 people walk behind soon, Yang Qiu takes diagram paper to rush through to leave for German legation and wait until leave in the afternoon the wharf see German to on behalf enlist of technique worker, GBP 2,500,000 has already been turned into southwest bank.At the same time large numbers of machinery equipments that have already arrived Shanghai and discard a steel beginning to follow a river but up, will consign all equipmentses and supplies to complete in the coming month according to contract Germany.For ensuring that the most important Chinese the sun factory reformation equipments safety arrives, Yang Qiu still lets Chu the Yu warship and river

asked Oct 16, 2017 by jlsalh21 (19,420 points)

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