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When we can maintain this style of play today,

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When we can maintain this style of play today, In my opinion we will have numerous opportunities in the last. "Before the end of last season, the actual Spanish players union once stroke the problem as a result of unfairness of transmission costs allocation. Till now, the actual Spanish television rights negotiations have not been completely settled. In an interview with Sergio radio interview, the actual Spanish Professional Football League main Xidibasi scathingly criticized Actual Madrid. The Alliance Party is in charge of Los angeles Liga and 2nd division, while Di Basi has been regarded as the "La Liga chairman. " Based on tradition, these two giants Barcelona, Real Madrid usually sold broadcast rights alone, the remaining broadcasting rights of Spanish second division team are sold as well as packaged in accordance with the actual ratio of returns.

In this case, Real Madrid and Barcelona will receive a huge transmission cost, while other teams’ income pales. To be able to enhance the overall competition of the Spanish professional football league within the 16/17 season, he intends to change the actual sale way of broadcast fees. Barcelona as well as Real Madrid will be bundled together with some other teams to sell the actual broadcast rights, the two giants dividends will be reduced, while the some other team's revenue will be relatively increased. buy fifa 18 coins For this approach, the Barcelona endorse, but Actual Madrid firmly towards. For Real Madrid top of the move, Di Basi raised harsh criticism: "This is not only due to Real Madrid to negotiate for the money, but also from Actual Madrid eager to reach an agreement on the rights of their individual as well as Telofonica,

it makes me feel very strange to me. has told Actual Madrid. I believe that Real Madrid do so because Barcelona a few months ago signed an identical agreement. Of course , everyone knows, some all Barcelona, Real Madrid think they must also have, I guess this is the root wherever. "On 9th, February, 1931, Masopust was created in Czech Sterry Meath, and in the first 1950s he joined the ATK Prague club, starteding his football career. With excellent playing within the club, the players was selected for the nationwide team of Czechoslovakia. In 1958, the actual national team that Masopust was in received the World Cup certification. In the 1960 Western Championships, he led the Czechoslovak team won the bronze medal. Masopust also participated in the 1962 World Cup within Chile, and led the team arrived at the final. During the last, Masopust firstly broke

asked Nov 8, 2017 by qiuyehui (2,480 points)

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