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The amend is traveling anon to Sony for certification

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Rocket Alliance acquired a appealing big afterward anytime aback its beta date got a lot of humans aflame about the multiplayer antagonism sports hybrid Rocket League Keys.The appellation acclimatized as a chargeless download beforehand this ages for PS Added users, and aback then, added and added humans accept been adequate it aloft PS4 and PC.Unfortunately, some problems are affecting the complete game, while affluence of humans are advertisement ambiguous servers, which can actually put a damper on any online experience.

Psyonix confirms on Twitter that it's acquainted of both the gameplay glitches and the aberrant servers, and that it's advancing altered improvements to both areas.First up, the complete bold is traveling to accept its aboriginal PS4 application in the abreast future Rocket League Crates. The amend is traveling anon to Sony for certification, and provided aggregate goes smoothly, the application should be attainable for download allegedly next week.

asked Nov 10, 2017 by lolgafifa (2,320 points)

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