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FIFA 18: You’re guaranteed to win more games if you play at this stadium

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Playing in the right stadium can make a massive Fifa 18 Player Auction coins difference in FIFA 18.

Shadows, dodgy camera angles and horrendous pitch patterns can make keeping track of the action much harder than it needs to be.

But gamers seem to have discovered a stadium that suffers from none of these annoyances.

Argentina’s La Bombonera, which is home to Boca Juniors, has been receiving rave reviews on the FIFA reddit.

Thanks to a combination of its design and EA Sports’ tweaked lighting model it has no annoying shadows.

APP deliberately muted La Bombonera’s colours in order to reflect the different illumination and temperature within South America compared with Europe.

And it seems to be going to down a storm.

One gamer wrote: “I love La Bombonera. That one side of the stadium is so cool where the stands basically go straight up.

Another said: “I second this. It is unlike any other stadium in the game. I use to change every few matches. But after I played at Bombanera, I will never change. It feels completely different.

“Also, I like how the streamers change colour to the colour of your kit. I wore a pink kit one match, the streamers were bright pink coming down from the top of the stand. ”

Stadiums have long proven a headache for FIFA fans. Last year, hundreds complained the San Siro camera was ‘all over the place’, and zoomed in as well as and out randomly.

Gamers even tried to get EA Sports to ban the actual stadium from TIMORE 18.

If shadows are really annoying you, remember you fifa ultimate Team 18 coins can switch them off by going to a single-player FUT game and setting the time to summer and also noon.

The time of day is determined locally by your console, so this will ensure it’s overridden.

Or you can just play at night.

asked Dec 2, 2017 by cathylee (1,660 points)

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