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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Path to Glory | 25 players coming in packs as live items for one week only

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FIFA 18 is getting a brand new event this week for you to spend your hard-earned coins on. The Path to Glory event is bringing along 25 players in packs as live items fifa 18 coins , presumably in the leadup to the final 2018 World Cup playoffs for the rest of November. Most of the players aren't getting improved in the same way they would be in a Group of the Week, but are instead just obtaining new forms to appear in packs.

Some players are also having their position changed, such as Asensio and Payet, to better reflect how they've been playing in the World Cup recently. You can see the full table below.

There's only a few players who have improved stats for this occasion, so it's not quite as special as the Team of the Week, but still worth keeping an eye on. buy fut 18 coins Perhaps more importantly, there's also four players as a part of the Path in order to Glory event who are exclusively available as Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), but those players haven't been named yet.

Some of these players may be better fitting to your team, now: Asensio is actually LW as opposed to CAM, Payet is LM from LW, Gómez is LM from SS, Stindl will be ST from SS, Welbeck is LM from ST, Forsberg is LM through CM, and Giuliano is CM coming from CAM.

This event starts today, at 6: 00pm GMT. It's then running for a week, until November 17, ending at exactly 6: 00pm GMT then. The SBCs are likely to be the most important thing: it's probably a good idea to get those in this weekend before the function ends.

asked Dec 6, 2017 by cathylee (1,660 points)

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