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this was my biggest ability

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rine?Especially the Lao boon saw an eye gram Lao, smile way:"Have no a problem, bearing to press a steel technique can also sell, however that needs to order enough amount." Yang Qiu didn't be surprised he will the so great spirit sell a submarine and bear to press a steel, actually at on fighting ex- whole world to all start to daze to the use one of submarine, Germany although developing is more perfect,the same eye is black in using military tactics, as for the later submarine wrings to kill war also because be been forced by England by the fleet to have to Duncan Keith Women's Jersey adopt in the gulf, this just gropes for world's most perfect submarine military tactics,also makes German navy walk to go into a huge mistake area. Fact proves that being any overcomes navy to build up before the viewpoints on the submarine are all false, check a technique to appear a submarine to be just a kind of assistance means, he wants to buy a submarine also not is want to lend this to vanquish Japanese navy who can not also falter now, and hopes to own the ability that the Yang-tze River goes into seaport of suppress, ED Belfour Women's Jersey as far as possible ensure once the history orbit thoroughly changes, Japanese fleet kills into Yang-tze River to be unlikely to have no anti- make means, at the same time also for making the navy able to advance the use and military tactics of groping for the submarine. Originally his viewpoint is in case of the occurrence and Japanese war, learned Ao Si Man still several 100 torpedo locks dead Yang-tze River waterway by himself/herself trapped to kill he or she calculate, can feel to have fantastic idea too much afterwards, estimate so British and American all want to beat oneself, so end can choose a submarine. "If you would like to buy 20, I can get hold of to bear the technique of pressing the steel for you." The one mouthful Erik Gustafsson Women's Jersey that Zhang Xiao Zhun listens to coffee is almost spewed out!He once saw a submarine while studying abroad in Germany and once found out to cost as well, each cost about USD 200,000 currently or so, 20 he saw eye Yang Qiu, heart way probably Wu Chang will go bankrupt first. Yang Qiu certainly knows better than to buy 20, even if money much also can't so boring, wrist a turn over a way:"Being 6 is a trade in expiation of, I then buy ° from your country 50 track tractors, 300 trucks." Tractor and truck just how much ?Sell a production line also just about USD 300,000, inflexible gram of Lao of course not would like to, shake:"I know that the commander has already registered multinational patent for your modern style trench mortar, even the our countries didn't pass.So, you buy 10 to combine to is gratis this patent to provide to our country use." Mama of, eyes are Glenn Hall Women's Jersey true poison!Yang Qiu An scolds 1:"6 bear to press steel technique, tractor and truck to maintain constant, in addition 50 training torpedos and 200450 millimeters of black heads torpedo, this was my biggest ability.As for trench mortar patent you know, a lot of nations all have interest." Zhang Xiao Zhun who has never experienced to concern foreign affairs a business negotiation sticks out ear and sees Yang Qiu incredibly be like loafer similar to entwine with Germany for the very first time, same gram of Lao and especially the Lao boon have already eaten Sui to know flavor as well, a little blackmails the technique in Yang Qiu Shou.Indulge in arguments a sort to haggle after several hours, end Yang Qiu with gratis the patent letting Germany use trench mortar exchanges to bear to press steel technique, 50 track tractor

asked Dec 7, 2017 by jlsalh21 (19,420 points)

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