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wants to treat several more day

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ised, they are in Peking hear that autumn harvest returned man Ye Ping, but have never thought development so quickly, let the former facial expression add dark more. "The son elder Chris Kunitz Authentic Jersey brother is several times really busy, run for a year me here, bad the fare perhaps also want to spend many." Yang Du Xin's way don't you ask for to bother me to come?Live a good life in comfortable comfortable in Peking what not good, say with smile:"The degree is on business every day and cruises to make to promote every day, be really can not compare." Wang Jing Wei now still small youth, one form talented person don't say, the blood is also aer little bit hot than future, can not get use to 2 people to chew the fat some useless topics, come Conor Sheary Authentic Jersey forward an one step to say:"Cruise to make, this time I wait to is to want to please to cruise to make to go up north, the big president hopes nation in the future consult you and escape a beginning the Sir's opinion."The Yuan gram settles to also come forward an one step when he talks, although doesn't open mouth but obviously doesn't hope 2 people continue to pull a carefree article. Yang Qiu sees one the eye is 2 people, in fact the people still really has the young man that much artistic talent is horizontal to overflow inside the party, theory artistic talent Wang Jing Wei is undoubtedly outstanding.And the Yuan gram settle an oneself to also have much of ability and learning, afterwards he the use a leave the newspaper cheat Yuan a life time the Kai calls an emperor of the affair don't know as well is be really leave, probably because of falling and breaking a leg afraid oneself from now on descends to just fight to the death at position in the Yuan house an also perhaps.Just now these affair his affirmation can't let they are taking place, the history since chose republican, so in no way fall back of possibility!Even if Daniel Sprong Authentic Jersey oneself have to also very careful maintain still very weak republican of national prestige. Smile way:"Invite a new(Wang Jing Wei's word) elder brother of quarter, cloud set(Yuan gram settle word) elder brother's generation I turn to tell a big president, Yang Mou be eight province cruise to make, from be listen to the center to invoke, just still have some miscellaneous matters in hand now, rather certainly leave for Tienjin at the beginning of January can?" 2 people thought in the beginning that he couldn't go up north and after all kept off a southwest there, safety etc. didn't guarantee, but have never thought he the incredibly so great spirit promised down, also settle next date.The Yuan gram settles the most happy, the each and every moves all had an of some"big emperor's son" power, the arch hand declares a way:"Cruising to make Eric Fehr Authentic Jersey would like to attend meeting nature had better, gram settle with my father when the time comes settle however pour wooden shoe to mutually face." "Cloud set the elder brother is really very kind." The polite spirit of Yang Qiu Ke settles descend after going up north date, although Yang Du wants to treat several more day go deep into more to understand him, Yuan gram settle urgently wear go to Nanking and Shanghai, but Wang Jing Wei originally fixed to go France to study abroad, this time if not that the Yuan a life time Kai interferes with him not to want to admix to come in in person, so 3 people after in a hurry visiting big Ye, by ship drift down the river to go to a second station Nanking. The news that Yang Qiu is certain to go up north at the end of January lets the many people all loosen tone,

asked Dec 7, 2017 by jlsalh21 (19,420 points)

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