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Is not this an useless talk

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nside, in early morning welcomed a lot of birdcage of liftings, comb a plait, the brocade Shan cotton tunic wore a tidy full person, after Qing Dynasty abdicated little parts of princes and dukes nobilities return to Kevin Shattenkirk Authentic Jersey full continent, besides which, , the big parts all arrive at Tienjin to settle down, the early years gets enough silver of leisurely and carefree during a lifetime all spend not over, don't get money of can also embrace green porcelain vase suddenly and leisurely the foreigner is two dog sub- compradors, there are certainly also many finally down and out streets even rice all eats not up. ", Isn't this the text shell Lei Ye?" "The Jin shell Lei good luck." Is full is to so say "hello" a voice inside the teahouse, there was Yuan a life timed behind the privileging of Kai these people returning ability comfortable comfortable on the hoof, this among them current and Marc Staal Authentic Jersey content with present condition of, have already wanted to reply a country as well, certainly the latter number has been only a few. "Hear?That southwest king has already come to Wei in Tienjin." "What he, meeting the head of the party also came.Pei!That lives Cao to hold to rush through our Peking city none of eyes blink and be compelled now want to make peace, should!" "He is this time played miserably, I listen to Peking there say, annoyed at that time vomited a few bloods, more can not even descend beds now!He from think to force we emperor's queen mother abdicate and then Mark Messier Authentic Jersey can strive for a Cuan big, now all of cheapness drive south the noodles had, this is changing me to put on neck on the spot." "You got, at the beginning under the emperor the aim abdicate front you also say to put on neck, not do I lend° a knife you?" "Have already gone to go!Our elder brother how many Dous come to Dou to still have what meaning?Want me to say, this time still really can not let the south noodles in power, particularly is that southwest king!" "Why?" "You think, our elder brother how many return an ability Anne is safe steady to drink tea here depend who?Make reference to bottom Yuan the temple protected to still remember old friends feeling on the whole, meeting party those provinces are fairly good some, but southwest you are to don't know!A few days ago there is a ship in Guangxi come back, top many full persons to us, all is be Martin St. Louis Authentic Jersey rushed through by that southwest king and six glory courts back, everybody to added to fill male confiscation of all chongs of 2,000 dollars, landed property houseses to give those bitterness ha ha, this still not calculate!Listen to they say that Yunnan there makes more badly, those aborigines sons(drive the toast in the population) kill of kill, the Jiao of Jiao, have no several has good end of, on the contrary they of slave whole his mamas have already turned over a body!You said that the such kind of fickle few righteousness born nature kills so much of person, if he was a big president and also had us of way out?!" "Shine on you to say so, also really can not make him be a big president?" "Is not this an useless talk, from time immemorial northern all south long cure long Anne, south all north have how many isn't what disaster harms a person indiscriminately?You looking at, let that southwest king sat world, also don't know and die how much."This in person severals are expensive is chatting of jollification, suddenly drive malicious malicious from the behind on bumping arm, twisted a head to just want to drink to scold and then see 2 to be dressed in sheepskin Ao, th

asked Dec 7, 2017 by jlsalh21 (19,420 points)

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