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Using Mobile Local Marketing Correctly To Advance Your Business Using Mobile Local Marketing Correctly To Advance Your Business June 2 Julius Thomas Jersey , 2012 | Author: Eric Henderson | Posted in Business

Mobile marketing for local businesses is a trend and a marketing medium you do not want to avoid or dismiss.


1. You must understand that Mobile and PC users are very different.


Mobile phone users use their online device as a way to look up much needed relevant and important info they need right now while they are driving around town running errands, etc. And since a Mobile phone is hard to navigate around compared to a PC, you should be sure that he most important info users see on your Mobile friendly website is easily accessible and right on the front page.


2. Importance of Knowing Your Target Audience.


Mobile marketing promotion with text message messages only truly works if you are sending a new message to the right people who want to hear from you. Do not make the mistake a lot of companies do and just mass text everyone you can. It should be used as a targeted resource only.


Text message promotion ads let you employ certain demographic and also behavioral info in order to concentrate on particular buyer categories at certain times. “Targeting” indicates your current sales message is extremely strongly related to buyers, which usually results in a much more productive marketing campaign on the whole.


This is why knowing who your ideal market is and targeting them through Mobile Marketing specifically is so important to do.


3. It Is A Mistake To Use SMS For Hard Sales Tactics


With Mobile marketing, it certainly is a way to communicate with your best customers. But as a word of caution, do not just hard sell them all the time. People buy from businesses that they know, like, and trust. So, build valuable relationships first and give before you get.


You just want to avoid doing what so many other business owners do and that is send out mail messages that are unimportant and not congruent with what they are looking for. This will become a real annoyance to your audience.


Do not turn into one of those people. Instead, give them tons of value and a great experience as a way of saying thank you to them for being a supporter of yours. If shoppers feel they are benefiting from your SMS promotions and relationships, they will continue to show you through their attention.


4. Mobile Marketing Is Most Effective When Used With Other Advertising


Now, Mobile promotions are obviously very successful when you implement them on by themselves, but when you combine it with internet marketing, social media marketing, maybe offline methods like TV and radio Cordrea Tankersley Jersey , email, etc, Mobile Marketing can be that much more powerful for you. The bottom line is that you want to have a well rounded marketing strategy in place.


One thing you could do is take your short code, which is what you get as your own Text Message code number for your business, and out it on a TV commercial or on a radio ad. Also, you can put your business’s QR- Quick Response Code – on your business cards and marketing pieces so customers can scan it with their mobile phone and go to where ever you want to take them. Maybe offer a coupon or a discount, etc.


5. Using SMS One Way Marketing For Best Effect


So, you can probably understand now that Mobile phone marketing is one of the best ways to connect back and forth with your best customers and future customers. But, just make sure that you are using it to provide real world value to people and not just sell them all the time. This is a mistake most local business owners I consult with make.


In the end, the people you are communication with will really appreciate this about you and tell others about your business. Remember, people do business with businesses they know, like, and trust.
This is when they will start buying from you. Then you can ask them for their feedback and opinions and get some helpful data on them about how you may serve them better in the future. his is where it gets to be a lot of fun.


Learn more about mobile marketing services. Stop by Eric Henderson’s site where you can find out all about mobile marketing for local businesses and what it can do for you.

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