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A ceaseless sleigh ride until sunrise

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Santa Claus’ sleigh crashes into Tom Thibodeau’s abode hours afore Christmas Day. Thibodeau is acquisitive to advice an afflicted Santa about he can, but the assignment seems so daunting. Santa asks Thibodeau if he could accomplishment the job, and while Thibodeau has never aureate a sleigh before, he’s adventurous abundant to try Cheap NBA Live Coins. But with time active out, Thibodeau needs to bulk out how to get all the presents delivered afore every adolescent wakes up. His solution: A ceaseless sleigh ride until sunrise. No breaks. No substitutions. Will one or all of Santa’s reindeer collapse from exhaustion? Yeah, probably.

In this accent documentary, analytic announcer Kyrie Irving explains why Christmas is not the anniversary you anticipate is. In fact, it adeptness not be a anniversary at all. How does Santa get from one abode to the next in a abbreviate bulk of time? How can that abounding reindeer backpack a sleigh into the atmosphere NBA Live Mobile Coins? Why is that arctic buck bubbler a Coke in the North Pole? Irving interviews a continued account of scientists and philosophers to get to the basal of the cold, abashing accuracy abaft Christmas.

asked Jan 2 by lolgafifa (1,780 points)

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