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you will be required to finish the Tasks

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There are a lot of epic (and not so epic) feats accessible in RuneScape and today's update makes the road to adventuring glory clearer than it's ever been.In new Runescape Gold Achievements System, you will be required to finish the Tasks, Raid Feats and Completionist/Quest Cape requirements – and more - together in a slick new interface.In the Achievements, you will see a handy drop-down box entitled 'Path'. Then, select this box and choose from the following goals to see a to-do list of everything you are required to finish it. What's more, For new and seasoned adventurers alike, the path to that big in-game milestone will now be crystal clear.Cheap Runescape Gold Gudrik's Path System only for brand-new players exists separately, still within the Path tab of the Adventures interface.

asked Feb 1 by jma325 (1,260 points)

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