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The blade would be just as effective if the metal was closed together all up and down the blade, instead of needlessly adding more metal to the weight and destroying the balance of the weapon.And then, the post cheap osrs gold that makes this thread belong in  quot;Recent Game Updates quot;, the Lost Sword of King Raddallin. I wholly expected it to be brighter, more suited to fit with the Elite Black armor or even White armor, but that 39;s not my issue.


The issue is the random shadow spikes coming out of the hilt that 39;s supposed to make it look cooler, but honestly just over-complicates the design of the weapon.I get it 39;s a fantasy game, I love fantasy, but why are all your new releases stuffed full of particles whenever applicable? I get it, you like making the game flashy. But simplify a few things, for the sake of design. The shadows cause clipping and you actually see through any particles that are behind it, in fact when I give myself a Gaze, I can see through my hair.


My god, my head is flat.An additional complaint about the sword (Besides this, I love it), the weapon override will actually override any other walking animation. I can keepsake my white 2h sword and use the Santa Sack, and walk around like a super-dapper warrior. Can 39;t do it with Raddallin 39;s override, no matter what other animation should be dominant due to the weapon worn underneath.RuneScape Item Third-Age Status V15 This post is for talking about the third-age armors.


You may use this post to discuss third-age, post current prices, or speculate about future prices. See below for more information about these cool items!Post Rules and Guidelines- When reporting a trade, it is helpful to include the item, the buy rs gold price, whether the trade was in the GE or in person, how recent the trade was, and whether the trade was instant or noninstant (if in the GE).- Third-age items are fairly low volume, so you should treat any price on this thread as a guide and not an exact value.

asked Feb 6 by mmogoxiu (340 points)

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