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NBA 2K17 Playable Character Is Thierry Henry As Well As Some Screenshots Unveiled

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Football and basketball cross,we not often see like a scene, Recently, Thierry Henry is confirmed for a playable character, additionally, some related screenshots is already appeared, and we can prove it. NBA 2K17 mode, release date, screenshot as well as latest update news, you are totally to get it only you click here.

Ex-France and Arsenal star Henry may now be suited and booted in his role as Sky Sports pundit, but that’s not to stop him hitting the courts of NBA with a playable role in NBA 2K17, the upcoming game which is due to arrive on 16th September 2016.

In NBA 2K17’s Blacktop mode, the mode in which you can play different types of basketball games ranging from 1 vs 1 to 5 vs 5, Thierry Henry will be available as a playable character, where you can test his skills against the greatest players of all time.

Regarding Thierry Henry is playable character in game, Thierry Herry himself is so said: "Being a basketball and NBA fan since I was a kid, I’m honoured to be the first football player ever to be playable in NBA 2K17" he continue to illustrate: “Seeing myself go toe to toe with the legends of the sport is an amazing feeling.” NBA 2K17 add to more new features, the game will be more fun than you are expecting, if you buy NBA 2K17 MT online, you can convenience play the game.

asked Oct 4, 2016 by nba2kmt (400 points)

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